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Cardinals Development Program has Made Gains this Winter

A little look into the strides we have made as a program. A huge thanks to all coaches and parents involved this winter. Sad to see the year end, but excited to see everyone go out this summer and compete!

Hitters have gained 574 MPH of exit velo!

Here is a break down:


Highest is Everitt Millar at 58 MPH.

Most growth was Anna Robinson +25 mph from the beginning of the Dev year!

Total growth in 11U is 93 MPH.


Highest is Tyler Diprose at 77 MPH.

Most growth is Ryker Brand at +20 MPH

Honourable mentions are:

Ryley Cummings +13 MPH

Zachary Granger +12 MPH

Easton Millar +12 MPH

Roman Paterson +10 MPH

Low height and weight class is Lincoln Aubin hitting 64mph! He’s also +6

Total growth in 13U is 185 MPH.


Highest are Teagen Colford at 84 MPH and Brayden Kramm at 83 MPH.

Most growth is Kaiden Skuta-Phillips at +20 MPH

Honourable mentions are:

Brayden Kramm +15 MPH

Cole Groff +13 MPH

Matt Willmets +12 MPH

Garrett Sowa +11 MPH

Teagen Colford +10 MPH

Caden Fischer +9 MPH

Total growth in 15U is 123 MPH.


Highest is Caedyn Colford at 96 MPH.

Most growth is Chase Latta at +14 MPH.

Honourable mentions are:

Michael Yusypchuk +13 MPH.

Josh Pengelly and Rylee Tauber +11 MPH.

Brayden Morris and Liam Logan +9 MPH.

Evan Gunderson and Thomas Golab +8 MPH.

Total growth for 18U is 173 MPH.

We averaged 7.7 MPH gained per player in the program.

90% of our pitchers hit mound velo PR's!

Notable velos:

Jack Hudson sat 84-86 T 87 MPH.

Carter Liske sat 82-84 T 87 MPH.

Michael Yusypchuk sat 84-86 T 87 MPH.

Josh Hutchinson sat 80-82 T 83 MPH.

Caedyn Colford sat 79-80 T 81 MPH.

Chris Menard sat 79-80 T 81 MPH.

Jaiden Kneller sat 79-80 T 81 MPH.

Brayden Morris sat 77-79 T 80 MPH.

Logan Colville sat 75-77 T 78 MPH.

Super proud of all our players for the work they have put in this off-season. It has been a pleasure for all the coaches and staff. We all look forward to seeing what this summer brings!



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